The Kathleen F. Marks Foundation was formed to help fund cancer research, treatments, testing, Clinical trials and vaccines in hope of helping find a cure! 

The Kathleen F. Marks foundation will also help cancer patients and their families in financial need through fundraising efforts and/or grants on an individual basis. We will keep open line of communication with local cancer treatment centers, doctors and other charitable organizations in the area who choose to participate. Candidates would be referred to us through a treating medical professional.

We will host an individualized fundraising event for this individual, with their involvement as well as their family. The proceeds for their fundraising event will benefit them.



Our ultimate Goal is to help find a cure, and to help patients and their families in the process of reaching that goal. We fundraise for cancer research, testing, trials, and vaccines. We hope to help find a cure.  By hosting various fundraising events throughout the year, proceeds from these events will go to a facility of the foundations choosing currently in active cancer research.


Through various fundraising events held throughout the year our net proceeds of these events will go to a facility currently in active cancer research. Events you can expect from us in the future are, formal and semi formal gala's, organized sporting events and tournaments, themed parties and concerts.

In addition we will organize and fund individual events for patients referred to us in financial need, and tailor a fundraiser to them personally, the proceeds of their fundraiser will benefit them and their family!


We are proud members of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce and we have a 5 star average rank on Great Nonprofits.



Sponsorships and Private donations are necessary for us to continue on in pursuit of reaching our goal! Contact us today on available sponsorship opportunities for upcoming events.


We rely on private donations for our operations. We need financing to operate, in order to host our events and continue to Fundraise for Research, as well as help out patients undergoing hardships. Donate Today!