Hoo We Are

Kathleen F. Marks, also known as Kat or Kathy, was an incredible woman. Born in Queens and raised in Yorktown Heights, she became a Peekskill, New York, resident for most of her adult life.

She was a talented artist and graphic designer: She worked in Westchester County, New York, for many years designing for companies and maintaining an at-home business for freelance design.

When not working,... she donated her time and energy to many efforts, serving, for example, a four-year run as warden for Saint Peter’s Church of Peekskill. Through this church, she also participated in countless community outreach programs and taught Sunday school.

Most importantly, however, Kathleen was our mother… a great one at that. She was the kind of mom one could easily talk to; she was wise, loving, scary, strict, funny, affectionate, protective, and a wonderful role model.

In early fall, 1997, doctors diagnosed her with cervical cancer and, in the subsequent four-year fight, she underwent chemo and radiation, a radical hysterectomy, and three experimental clinical trials. She reached remission twice. For a scrappy thing, she fought hard, but, eventually, it wore on her. After some time, Kathleen endured numerous hospitalizations, an intestinal blockage, and a pinched nerve that obstructed the use of one leg. Finally, when cancer spread to her lungs, liver, and brain, she stopped competing with it. She succumbed on October 11th 2001, at only 48 years old.